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Welcome to Savvy + Able:

A site for resourceful, capable souls who are also navigating the unknowns of life as an “adult.”


I’m Kayla.

I’m Kayla. I’ve been planning to write a blog for many years now, and I’m excited to start this journey here with you!22041929_1420179624766755_4155615396982214815_o - Copy.jpg

A nerd who fell in love with a nerd

I’m a nerd who fell in love with a nerd. My handsome husband is an Engineer and I’m a Speech Language Pathologist. We were married in the Fall of 2017, in the back yard of a small barn in the middle of Nowhere, New Hampshire. He proposed to me with a grumpy cat named Bernard, who immediately bit me when I said “yes!” Bill quickly followed up with a diamond, another kitten, and a clumsy dog named Gracie. We are oh-so in love, in our starter home, trying to navigate the first year of our married life together.

This whole Adulting thing

If I’m being honest, this whole Adulting thing is a struggle for me. It has been since the day I turned twenty. In fact, when I turned twenty, I suddenly realized I’d be thirty... like soon. So I sat myself down and wrote a letter to 30-year-old me. Twenty-Seven year old me forgets what that letter said, so I’m looking forward to the insights of my former self in a few years. I guess that’s important, we have no idea where the road of life will take us, just as I don’t know yet where this blog will travel.IMG_0083.jpg

So here it is: A Letter to my Future Readers

Dear Future Reader,

I’m writing this letter to you on the first night after finally biting the bullet and purchasing a URL. I did it, I bought some internet. I hope that this blog brings you laughter, insight, ideas, and companionship. I hope when you hear about my adventures and misadventures you see yourself in me. I hope that when you read my blog you always come away with at least one good idea for changing your life that day. 

I cannot wait to meet you,


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